A downloadable game for Windows

Boneko is a retro plateformer embarking you on a short adventure.

The girl, Bony, enters an abandoned mansion to find her missing cat, Boneko. Once inside she finds him transformed into a hat. They have to team up and explore the mansion to restore Boneko's original appearance and escape.

Controls :

Use the left and right keys to move (D-pad on controller).
Use the space key to jump (A on controller).

Once you gained the ability, use X key to shoot (X on controller).
Once you gained the ability, use the down key in mid-air to make a ground pound attack (D-pad on controller).

Press the enter key to display your collectibles (Start on controller).
Press the escape key to go back to the title screen (Back on controller).

Press F to switch between windowed and full-screen.

Disclaimer :

You need to use an Xbox 360/One controller or a keyboard. If you are using another controller, you need to find a software to emulate the Xbox 360 controller, such as x360ce.

This game is an early prototype made in a short amount of time. There are still some bugs. It is possible that I will work on this game again in the future.

Game made by Picoid DX and Patchouli


Boneko 0-3-1.zip (7 MB)
Boneko 0-3-1 YYC.zip (7 MB)